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Safety at Listlux.com

While using Listlux.com, an online classifieds service provider in major cities, numerous users enjoy the service with successful and satisfactory experiences. But at times, in addition to the requests to keep the community fraudulent-free, we also receive some reports about people trying to execute a scam. Considering all these requests and reports, we came through the safest bet to protect yourself from being scammed or robbed off. And that is by ensuring that you get things rolling (especially all the transactions) via in-person meets and that too, locally. Therefore, we have jotted down all major precautionary points that will help you to stay safe and identify a threat in the first place. Avoiding Scams: The Number One and the Golden Rule to stay safe and avoid scam attempts 99% of the times is always aim to deal face-to-face and locally.
  • Make sure not to share any of your financial information (social security number, bank account, PayPal account) with anyone over the internet.
  • Next thing you should bear in mind is not to pay and exchange funds unless you meet the person. As much as possible, try to fix a meet in a public place where you are surrounded by many people, for instance - a coffee shop.
  • Also, you should always inspect the product thoroughly prior to buying or selling and only exchange funds upon clear understanding of statements.
  • Making payments for the products via PayPal is a much safer alternative than carrying cash to seal the deal. Note: PayPal is a highly reputable and renowned company, paying for goods via PayPal is as easy as a piece of cake. It is extremely quick and safe. You can securely link your bank account, Debit or Credit cards to your PayPal account for faster payments.
  • Remember... Do not ever mail cheques or wire funds for the product to the sellers. Moreover, you should also entirely avoid making transactions for the goods via Money Gram, Western Union, Canada Post, Android Pay, Google Wallet or Amazon Payments. These services are, typically, the preferred payment methods by scammers.
  • Until you`ve met the seller or buyer in-person, you must refuse credit/background checks.
  • If in case, you receive any fraudulent or suspicious emails or advert or any other activity that could be a potential scam-attempt by the members of the community, make sure to inform Listlux.com ASAP. Unfortunately, if you got cheated already, immediately visit a Police Station and file a Police Complaint. Meanwhile, contact us too. Recognizing Scams: Typically, emails or adverts or any other activity that falls under potential scam-attempts involves one or more below listed points.
  • When someone insists for wire transfer (such as through Western Union).
  • Avoiding for a meeting in person for completion of the transaction.
  • Third party providers such as Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal, money order, shipping, or anyone using words like `guarantee` to win your confidence.
  • Suspicious emails that ask your confirmation regarding change of account or password or email IDs that you haven't requested. These are the common tricks by scammers to infringe your account. Emails sent from an authentic source will redirect you to their official website.
  • Text or email received from an unknown source or distant location.
  • Random and unspecific enquiry about the product/item with incorrect spelling/grammar.
  • PayPal payments with Listlux might have eligibility for PayPal Seller Protection. Websites or emails declaring such protection programs about eBay and Listlux are scams in spite of having the Listlux logo. Inform us, in case you came across any such emails.
  • PayPal Seller Protection isn't applicable on the payments which were made through Listlux.com. This type of protection programs aren't yet offered by Listlux.com or ebay. Any sort of websites or emails or adverts that offer or guarantee you such schemes /solutions are certainly a SCAM! Do not believe any such emails or websites or adverts, even if you see the Listlux.com's logo on them. In case you do receive one such scam attempt, we request you to immediately forward that email or advert directly to us.
A Note for the Sellers Though Listlux.com is proficiently delivering online classifieds service for thousands of the things but sellers must understand that it certainly isn't the place to advertise about everything. They must double check the A-Z list of items that are not eligible to advertise on Listlux.com. In case, you posted one such advert and paid a fee too for featuring your ad, you certainly wouldn't get a refund when we take down the advert from the website due to quality breach.