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Sell It Quick: How to Maximize the Views on Your Post

You’ve set up your job posting, listing for your books, or notice for your event, but how do you decide where to put it? On a site with 136 categories, how do you determine which is the right one, and are there benefits to posting in some of the smaller classes? Read on to figure out which group is right for you, and how to make the most of your post!


How Do I Know Where to Post My Ads?


It’s generally relatively easy to narrow down a category-- are you selling something (For Sale,) offering a service to the public (Services,) looking for or posting a job opportunity (Jobs,) searching for housing (Housing,) Or are you looking for a short-term work opportunity or gig (Gigs)? These general categories are self-explanatory but have a bunch of other sub-categories within for specific, more well-tailored results. With 136 subcategories, it can seem overwhelming to find the correct category to post your classified ad in-- but it’s easier than you think! Most of the sections, especially in the For-Sale section, are self-explanatory, with names of specific categories of items for sale, different types of housing (apartment, house, house-sharing) in the Housing section, and other classes that follow this lead.


What Can I Do to Maximize the Views?


If you want to maximize the views on your post, posting in busier, more relevant categories is generally suggested. However, smaller, more niche communities often have higher response rates to ads, making an advertisement in a more niche category potentially more worth your time. In any case, the most relevant class is probably your best bet for your item. If an object is consistent across two categories (for example, children's books could potentially be connected both to the books and baby's and kid’s related stuff categories,), you could post in both sections for the maximum number of both views and responses.


Using keywords in the titles of your posts (like the type of employment, name of the job title, the name of the book, or short description of your house or apartment) is also a great way to maximize the response to your post. Putting these descriptors in the titles of your posts makes it so users can quickly see what they are looking for, and so search engines can index these posts, making it possible for users to use Google, Bing, or another search engine to find your listing.


Including a list of keywords at the bottom of your post, which is a mainstay of advertisement for many classified ad boards, is also a great way to get your ad more attention. This tactic of including a laundry list of keywords at the bottom of your posting means that whenever a user does a specific search for one of those keywords, your listing is more likely to appear! This idea also makes it easier for search engines to index these listings, as explained above, which means that users searching outside of the site are more likely to see your post.