Importance of Free Classified Ads Sites for Your Business



Classified advertisements are a common form of advertisements used in newspapers and online periodicals. It may be sold for a price or distributed absolutely for free. Usually, the newspaper advertisements are short in length and charged by the number of lines.

Normally, a publication often has classified ad sections which only contain advertisements that are grouped in by categories. In today’s era however, internet advertising has started to beat traditional style of classified newspapers.

Internet Advertising

When it comes to online advertisements, you always have the option to go after paid search marketing or otherwise free advert posting. Since more people are hanging out online, people tend to prefer looking over free classified ads sites. Reading online, checking emails, chit chatting with friends and using social media has become an integral part of our daily lives.

As all the businesses are starting to have complete online presence. So it becomes natural for us to become more connected to the Internet than any other medium. Internet has truly made this world a global village, where all the businesses are inter-connected in one way or the other. Following are the latest 2012 internet world statistics which clearly projects we’re heading towards an era to be completely operated via Internet.

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Newspaper Classified vs. Internet Classified

As a rule of thumb, classified ads in newspapers are way cheaper as compared to businesses advertisements. Business ads mostly use larger display advertisements with a focus at single call to action.

Whereas, internet advertising is much cheaper and you have many free classified ads sites where you can post ads for absolutely free too. The best thing about it is it works!

Depending on your specific business need, you might opt for newspaper ads. Though, majority of the business prefer to use online classified ads sites to advertise. Keeping a balance by advertising on both mediums fairly would be a great idea. Indeed, both mediums have its benefits. But you can’t beat FREE.


Types of Online Classified Sites

There are two obvious types of classified sites

-          Paid Classified Ads Sites

Generally speaking, this option is much more suitable than free classified. Money can buy you enhanced placement, more characters, color ads and with correct target audience. However, there are many free sites which are much better than the paid ones too. In the end of the article, we’ve shared with you the best free classified ads sites in our opinion.


-          Free Classified Ads Sites

Interestingly, not all the free sites are good either. You need to be picky about which ones you choose. Though, free classifieds are heavily marketed online. Often times, many free classified sites are using RSS feeds to extract other site listings and display the same on their site too. Eventually, it helps us with more exposure with no added efforts at all. More than anything, online classified helps us earn inbound links. These are helpful in terms of getting your website up at top of search engines for specific keywords. Since businesses have online presence, it helps us all by heaps and bounds.



No matter whatever your advertisement strategies are, you should definitely take advantage of free classified ads sites. Especially for you, we’ve compiled the following list of best free classified websites.

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