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Why the GOP Loves the Colonials (Whale Oil!)
Why the GOP Loves the Colonials  Whale Oil
And why not? their front runner is full of it.....Special prosecutor Ahab has launched a deep reaching investigation harpooning Orca's chances to gain any cross over voters from the Democrats. And giv
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Thar he Blows
Thar he Blows
Famous words from the Liberal glory hole aka Bootlicker that tries to makes Trollism an Olympic sport.
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The War on Women has economic consequences
The War on Women has economic consequences
What's in your wallet Trojan man?
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Oh....He Wants to Blow.... (Mr. Rutherford does...)
Oh    He Wants to Blow      Mr  Rutherford does
But he had a whistler blower beat him to it. There is my point, if we can just beat him to it everytime we won't have to deal with the insider bullshit masonic agenda and it's consequences. From Bush
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Oh....He Wants to Blow you. . ..under his cover
Oh    He Wants to Blow you      under his cover
Since Obama became President Heroin use in the US has increased 50% suggesting if we are to believe Masons are an integral part, that an unholy alliance between President Obama, Afghanistan and Masons
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Return of Sitting Bull [Leader]...vs. Sitting Bull Obama [elitist]
Return of Sitting Bull  Leader    vs  Sitting Bull Obama  elitist
Proof Obama Fails Sitting Bull Native American Warrior Test:(1) Obama and drones...feels has right to take a life. Obama=FAIL!(2) Sacrifices himself....Obama would NEVER do this! Obama=FAIL!Derivative
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Even 1776 British Said Tea Partiers Are Misguided
Even 1776 British  Said Tea Partiers Are Misguided
Nothing new....government always says those that threaten its established "order" are misguided.Here's a TIP: When anyone in government says someone, some party, some cause, etc....are
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Assad Kills 5,000 Syrians in 3 Weeks - Shame of US Anti War Movement (Syria)
Assad Kills 5 000 Syrians in 3 Weeks - Shame of US Anti War Movement  Syria
Almost 5,000 killed in three weeks, Assad's 'anti-war' accomplices remain modestly silent13-02-2014: According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 4,959 men, women and childr
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Subpoena The Entire State of New Jersey (Christie on the Run)
Subpoena The Entire State of New Jersey  Christie on the Run
When will it end? This Damn Obama always with the lawlessness.....can't leave a nigga alone. Christie can't even go around the nation turning tricks for Pimp money without a brother sending his homies
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Rosmary Reeves For Cook County Board Commissioner 3rd District (chicagoland)
Rosmary Reeves For Cook County Board Commissioner 3rd District  chicagoland
Welcome! I invite you to join me as we begin what will be one of the most exciting campaigns ever. This venture will begin the next chapter of my life. As a candidate to become the next Commissioner f
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Crack Open the FED (No Stringies Attached)
Crack Open the FED  No Stringies Attached
As in no stringy masonic bullshit attached. looks like this port authority thing is getting hot. Patrick Foye head of the Christie Portly authority is subpoenaed for heroin import
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Christie and Ahab (Debate)
Christie and Ahab  Debate
Christie; I was in shock when I was told I knew what I knew I knew. What would make a whale behave this way?"Captain Ahab: "Why do babies die in their sleep?"Christie; What am I going to do to my hand
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https   www facebook com PrestigiousThou
Please check out my page if your'e interested in liberal political news. My personal political commentary will be coming real soon!!
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Bootsie....Boot-see..... (I got Some British Heroin for you--o-o!)
Bootsie    Boot-see       I got Some British Heroin for you--o-o
ACA, you bet they had a lot to say about it. Mostly that as folks my age and your IQ make it into our 60's ACA will allow us to work less hours and enjoy the last years of our youth not worrying about
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If you don't think it can get worse, think again!
If you don t think it can get worse  think again
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Where is America... (In the GOP?)
Where is America     In the GOP
Can't seem to find any Americans at all in the GOP. Close my eyes and they are all terrorists. Close their all seeing eyes and there will be no more wars, no more fear and no more unemployment. Vote t
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"...because integrity means something to democrats."
because integrity means something to democrats
Barack Hussein ObamaBill ClintonHillary ClintonTed KennedyEliot SpitzerAnthony WeinerJohn EdwardsGary HartJust a few off the top of my head. Shall I post a more extensive list of democrats with integr
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"These scandals are all Fox News' fault!"
These scandals are all Fox News  fault
Pissy, whiney little manchild.
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hell, I couldn't resist
hell  I couldn t resist
Democrat ScandalsScandals involving leaders of the Democrat Party"INTEGRITY MEANS SOMETHING TO DEMOCRATS"'Do tell us, Bootlicker, exactly what integrity means to democrats? William Jefferson Clinton-
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The misinformation of Obama Care is still causing a stir. If you take a poll about the Affordable Care Act, the nation is still deeply divided on this issue of Health care. The question now becomes wh
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